Ultramar Energy


We have highly experienced people who work with our processes, standards, systems and operational know-how to created a tailor and fit-for- purporse delivery frame work for each client.

  • Design, Implement and operation of High pressure and Temperatura miscible gas injection Project (Norte de Monagas Field: Furrial, Carito y Pirital) $1MM, in Venezuela
  • Design, implement and operation of cycle  steam  and steamflood project eather for horizontal or vertical wells (Costa Bolívar, obo, Morichal Fields) in Venezuela and Samaria Field, in Mexico.
  • Design a High Pressure  N2 Project, in Venezuela
  • Definition of Full Cycle Depletion Plan for new discovered Fields (Ceuta-Tomoporo, Cretácico Lago) in Venezuela
  • Quick-look for Country, Field, Contract and Operations assessment required to rank Projects feasibility, investment plan and project execution.
  • E&P: Over 600 O&G field assessments for bidding and direct assignment purposes. Awarded more than 12 O&G blocks.
  • Mid-Downstream: over 100 projects completed, including the largest Ethanol Plant to date in Mexico: a $5.2 billion usd Project(*); Evaluation on up to 5 Mini Refinery deployment Project in Mexico; Central Processing Facilities for several O&G fields.
  • Solar, Wind, Biofuels, Hydrogen Technologies and development.