Ultramar Energy

What we offer


Engineering Services

  • Well Trajectory Design
  • Fluid Design
  • Reservoir Static Characterization
  • Reservoir Dynamic Characterization
  • Well Intervention Design
  • Artificial Lift Studies
  • Nodal Analysis
  • Surface Facilities Design
  • Improved Recovery
  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • Cost Analysis (Should Cost)
  • Economic Evaluation of Projects

Integrated Reservoir Management (IRM)

  • Full cycle development plan update
  • IRM Monitoring and Control Tool
  • Well Productivity
  • Integrated reservoir model update
  • IRM performance KPI
  • Flow Assurance
  • Water Production Management

Project EPC

  • Projects Design (Front End Loading, FEL)
  • Design and Optimization of Oil and Gas Production Facilities.
  • Analysis of surface production networks.
  • Flow assurance (deposition of paraffins, corrosion, gas hydrates, emulsions, sand production, etc.)
  • Management and disposal of production waters

Business Model

Build the infrastructure to support our offer

Our infrastructure projects help integrate our logistics and provide local investment that fuels economic growth, benefiting both our customers and their communities.

Integrate supply, storage and distribution

We are developing strategically located terminals and global storage hubs, ensuring the security of supply to our customers anywhere in the world.

Develop local stakeholder trust

We develop trust by operating responsibly and working hard to minimise any adverse effects from our operations, prioritising ongoing dialogue with the communities we work within.